About Oni

Get to know the company and its owner: Remo Ingravalle

The brand

This brand has been built to deliver a fresh, new experience to your workout. We want to let you show off your hard work and train with style, while enjoying the practical benefits of our products.

We often hear of complaints that people dont like the design, fit or price of what they have, or see elsewhere.

This is where Oni comes in..

The Owner

My name is Remo Ingravalle. As the owner of Oni Gymwear, I bring my own story.

My training journey began in 2021. Having had enough of my current situation, I signed up to my nearest gym to get myself in shape.

It was hard to find gym apparel that was both affordable, practical, and letting me flex on my friends as much as possible.

Now I am channeling the joy, the struggle and everything I've experienced on my journey into this brand, so that you can benefit from it too.